Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section of Haaretz on Aug. 14th, 2014 calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.

Dear Archbishop Tutu

I am thankful for your letter to the Israelis. Finally, someone of your stature is addressing the Israelis directly and speaking of their freedom, and liberation, instead of their destruction. I find this very hopeful!  So I would like to help you in your cause by offering some tips and suggestions that would help the Israelis listen to you better.

I would like to share with you something that my psychotherapy profession has taught me for many years now: the subject of trauma, fear, threat and defensive responses.  I know it is not common to address these issues, as the subject of humiliation has trumped many of these needs for millions of people lately.

But if you want to reach the Israelis and the Jews, you may need to address these themes of fear and survival, as humiliation is not yet a subject of primary importance for Jews. They have experienced it for centuries, and it is in their DNA not to let the subject of humiliation take over when they think that their survival is still at stake. Even threats and fear did not change their essential peaceful nature. But the world went too far with the Holocaust and ‘Never Again’ has become vital to the Israeli/Jewish psyche.  So now, it is really up to you and the world to reassure the Israelis/Jews that NOBODY wants to kill them; and that nobody should try to kidnap and kill their children (they remind us that they have lost 2 MILLION children and keep losing). So, for your future reference, here is what will make Jews listen to your message:  raise your voice when kids are kidnapped in Israel, and 64 other attempts were thwarted in less than a year, and calls are made by Hamas for all Palestinians to do that. Raise your voice when Jewish kindergartens are targeted by militants in Israel and Europe. March in demonstrations showing that you also believe the statement ‘Never Again;’ demand that kidnapped children be given back and their kidnappers taken to justice; oppose Hamas’ charter of killing the Jews and destroying Israel.  Israelis will be immensely reassured and will listen.

I believe that your credibility vis-a vis the Israelis will gain enormously if:                                                            – You declared that putting Gaza children under Israeli fire just so the meme of anti-Semitism – this 2000-years-old resistant virus- and anti-Israelism can spread like wildfire is completely wrong                                    – You declared that Hamas was wrong to attack first and threaten 70 percent of the population with missiles                                                                                                                                                                                           – You blamed those who armed Hamas with hundreds of millions of dollars of donations for arms and attack tunnels instead of building their economy and feeding its people                                                                     – You blamed those in Hamas and outside of Gaza who did not allow Hamas and the others organizations to accept the first ceasefire that would have saved all these children.                                                                      Right now, the Israelis just know one thing: no one has ever even attempted to follow the international law to stop Hamas or Hezbollah from arming themselves. You may need to explain to the international community that this creates a huge credibility issue vis-a vis the world and is the reason behind Israeli “stubbornness.”  I am addressing this issue to help you break through that stubborn mistrust.

So I will address your points one by one

There have indeed been actions by members of civil society in relation to Israel’s response to missiles from Palestine. Regrettably, these responses are not unprecedented.  The Israelis/Jews see it as applying double standards and demonizing them, when they merely responded to aggression, and killed only because they had to defend their civilians under attack throughout the country and destroy plans for future attacks. Seven hundred Syrian Arabs were massacred in the space of three days during that same time; yet somehow no preoccupation for spilled Arab blood was aroused, no images of killed children were flashed on the global scene. During this same period, the Yazidi people were being massacred, their women raped, their children taken into slavery, yet these actions did not cause any demonstrations anywhere. Again, this raises a lot of mistrust in the Israelis/Jews against the good will of the world towards them.

In the not too distant past, 1,000.000 Americans marched against the Jews during WWII in the streets of America, and frightened the US government into rejecting Jewish refugees. Despite the welcoming Statue of Liberty, symbol of care for the downtrodden, 900 Jewish refugees, were returned to their sure death in Germany.   So, you see, it is not really unprecedented for the Jews to be demonstrated against; they just have a longer memory than the rest of the world.  They cannot help but question why the recent sizeable demonstrations in major cities worldwide focus on the Gaza war, and target the right of Jews to defend themselves. This,  when NO ONE demonstrates against the many other issues with dire consequences that are presenting themselves at the same time- ISI’s atrocities; 190.000 Syrian killed and 3 million refugees; the Yazidis, the war in Ukraine implicating Russia and Europe, and possibly re-igniting the Cold War. A few demonstrations were organized in Europe (mostly drawing a few hundred people each), especially in Germany, by Kurds, Assyrians Christians, and Yazedis, in cities where they are heavily represented.

Yes, you are not opposed to Jews. But let us consider other parties and what they do.  Can you declare “we are opposed to the Hamas charter to destroy Israel?” Or “We are opposed to the plans of the PA to create an apartheid country of Palestine, totally Judenfree?”  Can you support a BSD movement against their racism? Can you declare: “We are also opposed to children being taught to hate from a very tender age?” “We oppose Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel and for the death of the Jews, anywhere they see them;” “We oppose the countries, who arm them”

If you were to add these statements, the Israelis would really listen to what you have to say. Most Israelis would tell you that calling for the suspension of Israel from the International Union of Architects meeting in South African because they help construct barriers that help protect their people from suicide-bombers does not make them feel safe, understood and cared for.  But they would trust more if you were to also to call to suspend Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, whose charters and actions are to eliminate the Jewish State, then Jews may listen to your call for mutual liberation. Right now, they desperately need an explanation as to why violence and threats of genocide against them is acceptable and their defense of their nation is not.

Your appeal to Israelis to cease building protective infrastructures at their border seems incomprehensible to them. Israelis will tell you that the barrier has saved many Israeli and Palestinian lives and has allowed for more normal economic Arab development. If you have ideas for different solutions on how to stop suicide-bombers, they would welcome them.  These checkpoints keep the Israelis in more than they keep the Palestinians out.  Many Palestinians actually pass through these points every day.  It is illegal for Israelis to do so.

Regarding the settlements “built on occupied Palestinian land,” it is important for you to reassure the Israelis that they will never need to perch on high hills that protect their valleys from attack. Despite all the danger the settlers incur, they still feel they are protecting the rest of the country. It will be hard to prove to them that their presence is not an insurance against terrorist infrastructure developed against them, in view of their experience of withdrawing from and “liberating” Gaza.

Jews/Israelis would love to join that tide of non-violence, once it includes them, and once leaders like you show them you really care about them, and are not, like other people, just using the Palestinian cause against them, to demonize them. They always wonder why you do not call for the stop of violence of Muslims against Muslims, or violence against the Jews or the Christians in the Middle East.

I must confess that when the Pew reports showed that anti-Semitism haunts a quarter of the global population, I was surprised at the percentage. I thought it would have been at least half. And I am even more excited that statistically, 90% of Muslims were against the Jews and Israelis. That means if Muslims were to change the role they play in anti-Semitism today, they could almost eradicate anti- Semitism. Can you imagine how extraordinary that would be for the world, for Israel, as well as for the Diaspora’s Jews?

Regarding the success of the BDS movement against Israel, it is indeed a movement that is gathering speed; but you also fail to mention that most of the world did not divest from Israel, and will not, despite all your efforts.  The BDS movement is not really affecting the Israeli economy and its success. Israelis will tell you that this is so, because, thankfully, the Israelis are not the white South Africans, and the Palestinians are not the non-violent oppressed Blacks. Rather, Palestinians are oppressed by their own corrupt or ideological leaders. The Palestinians are oppressed by all those who hate the Jews enough to keep the Palestinians hostage to the demonization of Israel and the Jews.

I too, in my teachings, use the sentence: “violence begets violence and hatred, which only begets more violence and hatred.  Please remind Hamas and Hezbollah of this sentence, and remind all the Arabs who, from Nasser to the Wahhabi movement in Saudi Arabia, to Qatar, to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hamas and of course Arafat’s PA, wanted to destroy Israel and engaged in war after war, intifada after intifada, diplomatic war after diplomatic war.

South Africans have much in common with the Jews and that this is why the Jews have been at the forefront of the civil rights everywhere, including in your country and on your behalf.  I am sure you remember the Holocaust, despite on-going attempts at its denial or minimization by the Arab/Muslim world, including the PA. Are you aware that in the demonstrations which you support there are rabid chants of “kill the Jews,” “Gas the Jews,” and “Hitler should have finished his job?”  Are you aware that people espousing Hamas’ cause, without having anything in common with them, are doing so because of anti-Semitism, and that demonstrations like the ones you support are helping spread it everywhere?

The Israelis wonder what do people think when they look at the charters of ISIS, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, PLO, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Is there anyone who wants to stop the killing of the “other,” and more especially of the Jew? They wonder which wise voices can rise to tell all these groups and nations what a few Arab journalists are beginning to write: if the billions they spend on war and educating their children to hate Jews and infidels in general had been spent on educating them in science and technology and peaceful religion, the Palestinians would be thriving and the Arab/Muslim world would not be massacring each other. I know this is not a new argument, but it seems more relevant every day. Teaching radical, political Islamic hate is not a solution. It does not reassure the Israelis to give up more territory. This hatred was reignited a hundred- years ago, before even the creation of the State of Israel, never mind the “occupation.”  Hatred passed down the generations can only destroy all of society, the people hated and the people who hate.

Of course, criticizing Israel for its policies should never be mistaken for anti-Semitism. But any attack or criticism of Israel without giving the full context of all the shamelessly open threats against the Jewish State, actually feeds this most irrational meme, this virus, of anti-Semitism. The Catholic Church has caught on that anti-Semitism is destructive to all societies. It understood how the Holocaust made Europe less Christian and it is working steadily with Jews about eradicating anti-Semitism. Should someone warn that a Jewish Holocaust by Muslims will also diminish the power of Islam?

Regarding dialogue between leaders and unbanning “terrorist” organizations, maybe you can suggest the same thing should happen vis-a vis the Israelis. When the Arabs/Palestinians and the world will stop calling Israel apartheid and racist, and Jews dogs and apes and other niceties, maybe dialogue will be possible. How could one talk to “murderers of little Gazan children’, and “people who steal organs from innocent Palestinians,” etc.? I totally agree with you. Dialogue can happen only when demonization stops. I can send you a whole list of what’s being written, said and yelled against the Israelis and the Jews. You may be not aware of them, but Israelis and the Jews are very aware of them, and it is not helping them trust dialogue, although they keep trying. It may also help if the Arabs said the same thing in English and in Arabic, and it would help if they did not talk about taddakkyeh, the intent to “make peace” until they get strong enough to kill their enemy.

Jews are still waiting for suicide-attacks and on-going terrorism against them to be condemned by the world.  They are still waiting for South Africa, the UN and other nations to condemn Iran and Hamas for their open charters of destroying Israel- they are not doing it in the name of Palestinian freedom, but to liberate part of the Umma in the name of an ideology that believes in the supremacy of Islam. It is a concept that states that an independent Jewish state cannot exist on land conquered by Islam.

Israelis say they would love to be included in the community of nations in the Middle East. Wouldn’t that be the absolute dream? However, Israel lived through the exhilaration of Gazans voting for Hamas and turning the Gaza strip into a nest of destruction for Israel and its citizens. I just wonder who has to do the changing for the dream of peace to happen. Israelis are dreaming of Sharia law that would be tolerant and inclusive of the Jews and their Bible. They are waiting for their interpretation of God to be just as honored.  They are waiting for Jews to be allowed in Muslim countries; and for airlines to be allowed to fly in Jews and Israelis to Muslim nations.

Regarding your success of non-violence and sanctions in South Africa, you also had timing working for you. You waited for a long time.  We are waiting for that timing. For the miraculous Muslim leader that would ask for peace and not be killed, the one who would recognize the brotherhood between Muslims and Jews – with so much in common- circumcision, kosher/halal food, prayer every day, fasting holidays, etc.; the elders who will recognize the enormous power for good when Jews and Muslim of faith and peace work together to better humankind, instead of committing to destroy as many Jews as they can.

The difference between reassuring white South Africans that they will be allowed to stay and reassuring the Israelis is that the Jews/Israelis know that the world would allow the Israelis to be destroyed. The world just did, less than 70 years ago, allowed the Jews to be destroyed, and least you think it just traumatic fear, RIGHT THIS MOMENT, a few countries threaten, promise and swear that they will do away with the Jews and with Israel. They engage in war after war, some military, some diplomatic, some just by pure media disinformation and demonization. Hardly anyone opposes these voices, although more people are developing the courage and honesty to do so.  Most do their bidding because of many reasons: oil, money, fear, misguided philosophy, or pure, unaltered anti-Semitism.

I know my people very well. Here is what would be helpful, if you really, really cared about the PALESTINIANS.  Call for the immediate stoppage of demonization and boycotting. Tell the boycotting crowd that you are calling for freedom for the Palestinians and for absolute safety for a JEWISH STATE. I promise you: the miracle you want will happen immediately! Ask for every voice that cares about Palestinian freedom and lives, to care just as much for the eternal safety of the state of Israel, to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to condemn any attack and threats against Israel, to change the negative actions of the UN, and stop their shameless double standards. Call upon each Arab leader and explain to them how many amazing things Jews and Arabs can do together. Call on Muslims around the world to stop killing each other by the hundreds of thousands. This will instill much calm in the Jewish hearts, and maybe encourage them to envision a different future, where they can do all they need to for peace, because all the conditions would have been prepared, by peace loving people like you.

Israelis will be delighted that the Arab/Muslim world and the old anti-Semites would reach a tipping point where they realize the costs of raging against Jews outweighs the benefits. As for the boycotts that supposedly will help free Israelis and Palestinians alike from an unjust status quo, business owners are the only ones who are reassuring the Israelis that somebody understands them and sees them. Your boycott intentions will not work. The time is over. There are too many people who can replace the anti-Semites in the world and help Israel survive. I suggest another strategy, because I know how much you care for the Palestinians. Play on the Jewish pride of helping others and contributing to humankind. Ask the Palestinians to reverse their violence for two years, and accept dialogue and cooperation with Israel. Convince all the Muslims attacking Israel that it is a worthwhile trial. And let’s see what happens.

When ideology and politics do not interfere, these two people actually can do very well together: they are both clever and industrious. Do you know that their DNA is the closest of all Arabs? Do you know that many of the Palestinians have Jewish names and thus have ancestral ties with the Jews? What would happen if this were turned into an advantage instead of a curse? All it would take is to stop teaching racism to Arab children that Israelis and Jews are monsters and animals. All it takes is to make it a wonderful and incredible advantage that they have things in common.  You have so much credibility with them, you have such power: can you imagine if you could actually make the Jews feel truly safe for the absolute first time in their 2000 years history?

Regarding the importance of human life, just listen to what Hamas has to say: ‘we will win because the Israelis love life and we love death.” Indeed the Jews spent billions protecting their citizens. Hamas spent billions exposing its citizens. Jews believe in the importance of human life.  They would never expose their people to death on purpose.  Some Jews are still under the terrible trauma of the Holocaust, and any Jew killing anyone, no matter why, is an anathema and thus they are horrified when Israelis have to engage in war and kill people. I so respect them, because I know where they are coming from! I know their deep trauma, and their horror of any kind of violence!  However, they unwittingly misguide well-intended people like you to believe that the Jews are always wrong! They would be horrified to know that they are misguiding you at the expense of the Palestinians and at the expense of world peace.

It is also important to wonder where is the outrage from the ‘moderate’ Muslims castigating and condemning those who have made Islam a Hate machine.  Any self- criticism is virtually absent in English, except for a few very courageous voices.  Most of the self-criticism is still wrapped in the narrative of ‘blame the colonizers or the Jews’…

Non-Arab and non-Western journalists must honestly cover the war. They are not blinded, like their Arab and Western counterparts, by 2000 years of anti-Jewish rhetoric. These journalists do not believe that their essential religious dogmas have been endangered by the Jews coming back to their promised land; they are not inherently anti-Semitic. There are those journalists, who are still innocent of the contract between the international media and Hamas, and have started to cover the truth. In a few months, many of these truths will be uncovered.

Most Jews today know that the time has come for the Jewish People to come back to their Holy Land, for Judaism to be redeemed by the religions that sought to replace it. The time has come for true dialogue between religions, and for each to accept what it brought to humanity. The time has come for all the nations in the world to protect the Jews so that they can serve humanity. All the Jews would agree with you that the time has come to recognize that we are just a big family, and that we walk the earth to learn to live peacefully.

Gaza will then flourish. The Arab/Muslim world would stop killing each other, will stop bringing up radicals who want Islam to dominate the world, like Hamas and now ISIS have done.

You are right that the politicians have failed to come up with answers, and that civil society has to take over the task of peace. What a great idea if you were dedicated to it and helped stop Hamas’ and part of the PA’s genocidal agenda, and helped the Palestinians come together with those who can help them create jobs.  This goes with your point about violations of human rights.  Regarding the violations of Palestinian human rights at checkpoints and roadblocks, the real violation of these rights is to keep forcing the Palestinians to stay in refugee camps; is to teach their children hatred and violence and rob them of their innocence and right to life, and force the Israelis to protect themselves. The real violation is for the Arabs to have used the Palestinians in the name of a distorted religious ideology and then to despise them and be afraid of them, and fail to give them citizenship in Arab lands, killing them when they get violent, refusing to give them a state when they were under Arab OCCUPATION. Right now, they are under Israeli military control. They are not fully occupied. Certainly Gaza isn’t and would not have been under blockade (not occupation) if it had not imported a vicious violence against Israeli civilians.  You may want to demonstrate against Egypt’s blockade of Gaza, and also try to understand why the Egyptians closed their borders with Gaza.  The Israelis agree with you about access.  All they want is that someone comes and helps take away the reasons for the buffer zones. Help the Arabs and Palestinians imitate South Africa and stop all violence and say they want to live in peace, and buffer zones would disappear overnight.

You talk about Israel considering the future. Israel needs to survive the present in order to consider its tomorrow. But Israel considers the future anyway. The Israelis know their tomorrow, because they have God behind them (although God asks from people that they help themselves). Do you really believe that they are so powerful and amazing to confront all of these people? Do you not see the hand of God? Do you not believe that those who will help and protect the Jews would be participating in the coming of the Messiah for everyone, whether it is a Jewish Messiah, a Mahdi, Jesus or a Muslim one?   The Israelis know that one day, peace will come. That their neighbors will stop hating and threatening them; that they will extend their hands in peace, once they have made peace among themselves.

The Israelis hear you condemn violence, but wonder where are your condemnations of Hamas for firing missiles at Israel? Where are your demonstrations calling for disarming Hamas and Hezbollah? Where are your criticisms of Iran’s threats against Israel and its arming of Hamas?

You are calling for the dignity of the Palestinians. Palestinian dignity should not require the extermination of Israelis. Israelis would respond that to defend their dignity, the Palestinians should accuse the Arab countries for using them against Israel, and sacrificing them.  They should accuse their corrupt leaders. They should absolutely accuse Hamas for sacrificing their children’ lives while the leaders hid in tunnels; for bringing chaos and death to their population as a tactic to recover from their tunnels closure by Egypt, and Iran snub for going against Assad. Have you also thought of calling on the Arabs to stop their violence against each other? I am sure you value all Arab life, whether threatened by Arab or by Jews.

In your search for peace, I strongly encourage you to meet with the Israelis and hear what they have to say, before you call for boycotts. They would tell you that boycotts just kill the dialogue you are proposing.

Thank you for calling to recognizing the human being in the other. Please, ask the Palestinians to recognize the human being in each other, and the human beings in the Israelis. Support those who can and want to do it. Do not let anyone intimidate them and silence them. Too many were threatened with their lives for speaking up for truth and co-existence.

You mention that there is no military solution. The Israelis would contend that actually, there is a military solution, which is, disarming Hamas and combatting any and all terrorist activities, meaning any violence attempting to destroy the “other” without offering any way out of the conflict.

Asking the Jews to not have a Jewish state is a terrorist action. Asking them to draw vulnerable borders while threatening them in the same breath is a terrorist action. Planning takkadyah is a terrorist action. Using one’s own civilians, including children, against the enemy is a terrorist action. Killing one’s adversary’s civilians- including cutting the throat of three month-old baby is a terrorist action. These are not actions in self- defense nor in search of dignity and freedom. These are actions against the humanity of one’s adversary, never mind his dignity.

Call for non-violence. Because calling for boycotts while still excusing violence will NEVER work, as you are asking the “other” to be suicidal.  Regarding the recent boycotts against Israel, it was not support for the Palestinian cause that you have witnessed but the destruction of the Palestinians.  You have witnessed support for anti-Semitism, in the name of and with the excuse of the Palestinian cause. This support polarizes disaffected Muslim youth on all continents, youth radicalized by extremists because they are not being offered anything better in their countries or by their leaders in host countries.

You call for Israelis is to see beyond the moment, beyond the anger. Israel’s plea to you, in order to be able to see a world of co-existence, is to see within this moment of attacks, of kidnappings and murders of Israeli youth, and of the use and sacrifice of Gaza population as human shields only for the purpose of demonizing the Jewish state because Hamas could count on the fact that naïve people like you, would fall for it as in the past. Hasn’t the world already fallen for the demonization of Jews for 2000 years?

Not clearly seeing Hamas’ agenda is to not only sacrifice the Jews, but to condemn innocent Palestinian children for more decades of abuse and hopelessness, in the name of a misguided, traumatic ideology, what will eventually be defeated anyway. ISIS just blasted on the scene and saved the Jews. God’s hand again. Please recognize it so you can help it. Call for a truly impartial commission about the Gaza war. Ask the Dalai Lama to conduct it. Do not let your good name be used for sacrificing more generations of Palestinian kids, and for further deepening anti-Semitism. The Jews helped your country and your people. Israel did not side against your apartheid government, only because of all the reasons you know. Two hundred million Arabs were threatening them; the world abandoned the Israelis, and they had just come out of the European ovens. There is much room to forgive them.

In regards to the status quo you find untenable and which requires a mindset shift, Israelis would agree with, if it wasn’t that, however bad the status quo is, they still prefer it to genocide. As long as Palestinian ideology aims to destroy Israel, it will be on your conscience and those who think it is all Israel’s fault, the utter destruction that would happen to Jews, Arabs, the region and most likely the world.

You mention the need for a mind-set shift that stops regarding legitimate criticism of a state’s policies as an attack on Judaism and to see a world to be shared. Yet, Judaism has not been mentioned by the Jews; Anti-Semitism, yes; Threats to Jewish lives, yes.  Yes, it is time to share the world and to have all religions have equal importance, including ostracized Judaism. .

Help the Palestinians change their ideology. Help disarm all militant organizations that want to destroy Israel. Do not fall for the ploy of independence. They could have had it so many times and they still can. All they have to do is commit to what you are preaching: give up violence and chose to live in peace with the Jews amongst you. My God, in peace, it could be just one state and everyone would be fine with this.

You believe that people united in pursuit of a righteous cause are unstoppable. Maybe!  However, we did not stop the Holocaust; we did not stop the Rwanda genocide (and this one would have been easy), neither the Sudanese nor Somalian ones. Much more actual than that, we have not stopped the Syrian massacre (200.000.000, not 2000), nor the atrocities in Iraq, Lybia, and God knows where else. A righteous cause requires much courage, honesty, and true compassion for everyone involved. It also requires that truth be told.

One is not helping the truth by making it an Israeli problem only. You say God does not interfere in the affairs of people, hoping we will grow and learn through resolving our difficulties and differences ourselves.  But are we serving God’s cause, when we focus all outrage on Israel and ignore the hundreds of thousands who right now are being killed, captured, raped, sold into slavery, turned into refugees for the decades to come? Do you not see that each time people focus obsessively on the Jews, they sacrifice all these victims? These victims tried to complained, but to no avail, when they were silenced about their pain and misery at the two Durban conferences, which turn into a hate-fest against Israel and the Jews.  Why did non-violent South Africa, an example for the world, allow itself to become the stage for the sacrifice of so many millions being killed or suffering untold atrocity? Why has South Africa given up its immense role and wasted it on little Israel, whose victims, at the worst, count by the hundreds, and whose human rights, even when uneven, would be an amazing example for most of the world?

Why are sacrificing the tremendous memory of Mandela?  Nelson Mandela famously said that South Africans would not feel free until Palestinians were free. He also said that Israel has also the right to exist. Now, people who want peace have to combine both goals.

Regarding God’s bias on the side of the weak and the alien, remember that God is also biased for his chosen people and cannot be happy that despite their military strength, they are still under threat. Yes, Goodness will prevail and this is the cause that you should be supporting: the safety and the honoring of the Jewish people, by all the people who attack them and threaten them because of a distorted ideology.  Today, those who are threatening the Jews have opened the Pandora box of violence in their societies. Repairing this ideology, and welcoming the Jews is something the people of Israel would gladly support, and will tell you that there would be no reason for humiliation and lack of political freedom for Palestinians. Intrinsic persecution of Palestinians because they are Palestinians has never existed on the part of the Jews.

Now, if the liberation of Palestine would also liberate Israel, it would be wonderful! But please ask Hamas, and even Abbas, what would they do if Israel were weakened and they could destroy it? Just listen to their tapes, their speeches in Arabic, their YouTube, and the curriculum in their schools, which show they would “of course destroy Israel”.  The Jews have been oppressed, as you may know, endlessly: they never reverted to hatred and such a merciless violence.  I believe that Israelis will tell you that the liberation of Israel from Arab/Muslim hatred will liberate the Arab/Muslim world and get it out of its traumatic trance of violence. It will give hope and freedom to its youth and allow it to unleash its creativity.

Did you know that most Israeli Arabs refuse to become part of Palestine, even if the redrawn boundaries left them in their own home? We wonder why. Everyone should wonder why and help all Palestinians and Muslims free themselves up from the tyranny of their leaders’ ideology.

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